Soaring Wings Ranch Welcomes New Sibling Group

Soaring Wings Ranch Welcomes New Sibling Group

On Wednesday, Soaring Wings Ranch will welcome its newest sibling group – brothers ages 13 and 16. For these teenage boys and every child who becomes a part of our family, our hope is that they will fall in love with the ranch from the moment they enter our gates. Our prayer is that God’s love will be evident to every child who steps into our homes and our families.

Ensuring each child has the very basic things that most of us never need to consider is our priority when we welcome a new child to Soaring Wings. Many of the children who join us come with very little clothing and few hygiene products, and we know that children will have difficulty focusing on healing, health or education before their basic needs are met. This is why we spend about $350 on these basic needs for each child who walks through our doors.

Every dollar goes toward purchasing clothing the children are proud to wear, new hair cuts, personal hygiene products and school supplies. Our children’s reactions to the welcome they receive at Soaring Wings are truly extraordinary, and you can be the reason these brothers are smiling when they fall asleep for the first time in their new home.

Your gift toward showering these teens with God’s love will go further on April 7 than on any other day. Would you consider making your donation between the hours of 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. on Thursday, April 7 here? Your gift of at least $25 through ArkansasGives will be doubled by a $45,000 match challenge issued by friends of Soaring Wings Ranch.

Help us show our newest brothers the sacrificial love of Jesus Christ on April 7, when your donation of just $25 or more will go twice as far to provide the basic needs for some of Arkansas’ most vulnerable children.

About Soaring Wings Ranch

Soaring Wings Christian Home and Ranch (SWR) is a faith-based nonprofit organization providing Christ-centered, long-term foster care for children who have been abused, neglected, orphaned or are otherwise in need of a chance to soar. Grounded in the promises set forth in Isaiah 40:31, SWR’s mission is to provide children with a nurturing, loving family and home for as long as the children need them. For more information, visit