Are you called to be one of the Faithful 500?

[one_half]At Soaring Wings Ranch, $1,200 per month covers direct child-care costs, which includes food, clothing, transportation, counseling, extra-curricular activities, tutoring, houseparents, and more for each child. We are excited that we have been able to open two more homes, giving us the opportunity to provide a loving home to 8 more boys and 8 more girls. To provide for the direct child-care needs of our children, we are looking for at least 500 caring people to commit to a new monthly donation for at least one year. At Soaring Wings Ranch, we believe that God’s people can take care of God’s children, which is why we are not dependent upon state or federal funding for our operation. We rely on people like you to help fulfill the Great Commission for our children. A monthly gift of any size will go a long way in helping us provide for the direct needs of those in our care. As you can see below, with each person giving what they are able, everyone’s gift adds up over the course of 12 months so that we can easily provide for the 32 children entrusted to us who need a loving home, and to hear the gospel message.

Would you become one of the Faithful 500 by committing to a new monthly gift to Soaring Wings Ranch?

Your monthly gift will join with others already giving on a regular basis in providing stable operational funds for our children.  There are three ways to do this:

1.  Credit or Debit Card

2.  Auto Withdrawal from your bank account

We would be glad to set up automatic withdrawals directly from your bank account.  Simply mail in a voided check along with our Recurring Gift Form to Soaring Wings Ranch, PO Box 1670, Conway, AR  72033.

3.  By Mail

If you prefer to give by check each month and would like to have return envelopes mailed to you, e-mail us and let us know where to send them.

Thanks so much for your support![/one_half]

Your donations make a difference!

8 donors committing $1,200 per month…
Fully funds a home for 8 kids

12 donors committing $500 per month…
Gives 5 kids a home at Soaring Wings

20 donors committing $200 per month…
Provides a loving home for 3 kids

60 donors committing $100 per month…
Puts 5 kids under the care of the Ranch

150 donors committing $50 per month…
Gives 6 kids a Christ-centered family

250 donors committing $25 per month…
Helps give 5 kids the chance they need

500 donors committing to to the Ranch…

Gives 32 children a loving
family and a home.