If a monthly donation does is not possible, there are a number of other donations that will significantly benefit the children of Soaring Wings Ranch and continue our mission to give children a chance to soar.

Memorials and Honorariums

This is a thoughtful way to honor special friends or relatives on such occasions as an anniversary, birthday, Father’s and Mother’s days or any other holidays. The Memorial Program gives you the opportunity to honor a deceased loved one. An appropriate letter will be sent to the memorial or honoree’s family. You can give a memorial or an honorarium online by filling out the form on our donation page.

Gifts of Cash

Gifts of cash are the easiest and most direct way to contribute to Soaring Wings Ranch. Outright gifts of cash are immediately deductible for individuals who itemize on their federal income tax return.

The Gift of a Personal Residence, Farm, Vacation Home, Commercial and Rental Property, etc.

These opportunities of giving can, likewise, be very appealing because of the available double tax benefit. The donor receives an immediate federal income tax charitable deduction and avoids the capital gains tax that would have resulted in the selling of the property.

Life Insurance and Retirement Plan

These are assets that are frequently overlooked as an ideal way of giving a charitable gift. Friends of Soaring Wings Ranch can contribute paid-up policies that were originally purchased to meet needs such as mortgages or a college education that are now achieved. Gifts such as these are deductible for income tax purposes and will be used towards our endowment fund or to pay for a campaign-related priority.

Charitable Remainder Trust

A Charitable Remainder Trust is an option for achieving a charitable deduction without surrendering the income you need from your investments. The trust, with your local bank or other entity serving as your trustee, will pay a life-time annuity equal to or greater than the income you had been receiving. The trust can also provide life income for a spouse, relative, etc. When the trust ends, the assets become the sole property of Soaring Wings Ranch. In addition, you gain a charitable deduction to reduce your income and estate taxes; however, the simple joy of creating the trust will result in the perpetuation of the Ranch. Our Executive Director and Matt Jones with Legacy Capital Group can work with your financial and legal advisors in establishing any number of planned giving arrangements with Soaring Wings Ranch, in addition to the Charitable Remainder Trust illustrated above.