Soaring Wings Ranch welcomes volunteers who are willing to help with campus maintenance and other projects. Your time and willingness to help are valuable to us. If you or your group is interested in volunteering at Soaring Wings Ranch, browse the project list below and e-mail info@soaringwingsranch to arrange your volunteer time and space. There is something for everyone! We look forward to meeting you!

Group Projects

Trail clean-up (annually)

Staining (exterior)

Garden (planting & maintenance)

Build green house wall

Trim fence lines (inside cow pasture – will need weed eater, bush saw, hand saw, clippers)

Vehicle detailing (occasional)

Clearing ditches

Wood splitting

Build shelving 

Cut down large trees

Mulch area with edging  (may need mulch, weed barrier, metal edging, bushes)

Individual Projects

Paint hydrants

Paint metal fence at entry way (will need paint glove)

Weed-eating (weekly)

Spraying for weeds (2-3 times per season)