The Good Mom – A Mother’s Day Tribute

The Good Mom – A Mother’s Day Tribute

The Good Mom

The good mom might be frazzled

Or wear a dazzling dress.

She might have tangles in her hair

Or curls set to impress.


She could be stressed and overwrought,

She may be smiling bright.

She might hide her tired eyes

Or line them out just right.


Perhaps she walks her child to school,

A full day planned ahead;

Or sees him to the bus stop

Before falling back in bed.


Motherhood for her is easy

Or maybe she’s afflicted.

She has a home with walls adorned

Or she’s just been evicted.


She has support from loved ones,

Her ducks all in a row.

Those mouths are fed and tucked in bed,

There’s even room to grow.


Or maybe she’s alone

And scarcely getting through.

Her little ones are hungry,

And there’s nothing she can do.


The good mom welcomes others

Whose blood is not her own.

Even still she gives to them

All the love she knows.


The good mom’s not too proud for help.

Through tears, she lets them go.

She knows her children are safe ‘til she

Can bring them all back home.


Happy Mother’s Day to all the good moms: biological mothers, step-mothers, foster and adoptive mothers, and those who are willing to do what’s best for the children – even when it hurts.